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The aftermath of the Zimmerman case, aka shut up already….

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Oh man, this Zimmerman case is just out of control. It’s so two sided. Defense hiding evidence, Zimmerman following a kid, all these things factor into one conclusion to me. We don’t know what really happened that night and we will never know.

My issue is when people wanna call rally for race protests. It’s just ridiculous and out of control. All races and ethnicities have gone through shit through out history. When the Irish came to America people refused to give them jobs. Lets not forget WWII when people of Asian ethnicity were put into camps by the US government because of Pearl Harbor. Anyone with brown skin with middle eastern features is said to be a terrorist because of 911. Black people and slavery. The mass killing of natives in Mexico and America when the Spanish came. And the Jews, well we have suffered through out history. My point being, if there ever was a cultural or ethnic way to categorize a human being, there has been a way to discriminate.

Now, me, I identify as Jewish. And when I was down south I had a black person tell me I don’t know what it’s like to feel discriminated against. First off, you already frown upon me for not believing in Jesus and the Jewish people have been expelled from everywhere it seems and lets not forget what Hitler did. Second of all, I am a woman, so people believe I am irrational once a month, that I can’t drive, and a man can do my job better (and that’s why for some reason men get higher salaries throughout working history for doing the same job as women). So for a black man to assume I haven’t faced discrimination is ridiculous. And it’s the issue. Every group of people believes they face more discrimination than the next, when the truth is we are all victims of some type of generalization in our lives. There is no way to avoid it.

Do I feel bad that a young man died by being shot? Yes. Do I feel like Zimmerman was an asshole for pursuing the kid? Yes. But do I feel that if a situation got out of control and my face was being beat the fuck in would I do anything to escape? Yes. It’s a case where both sides were in the wrong in some points and both sides were in the right at some points.

I don’t think that this calls for some racial rioting protest. I am not some bitch who feels like I should have certain things because I am white or that I am at a disadvantage for being white. I don’t think white is the new minority. I judged people not on ethnicity, sex, or religious views. I judge people on their level of dooshbagerry (and yes I spell doosh wrong on purpose, I just like to spell it that way and I have no idea why.) To me your either a dick or not (and women can be dicks, HELL, even men can be cunts to me.) And I think we all need to think like this. Also, I think we all need to accept that we all faced discrimination of some sort and we aren’t special and the only ones who have faced negativity due to a generalization of some kind. I really feel like if we all recognized that point we wouldn’t be calling for civil rights protests. We all need to sit down and just accept we have been generalizing dicks as well as been generalized by dicks. We are all victims as well as perpetrators and no race, sex, or religious view point can say they haven’t made some type of generalization or stereotyped anyone else (because let’s face it we all have.)

So whether or not you think Zimmerman was guilty or Martin was guilty, you need to drop it like it’s hot. We are only separating ourselves more by doing this, when as human beings we should all be coming together to work on issues that effect us all (like pollution or the corruption in the IRS.) stop pulling out the minority card, it’s over played and it’s done. That’s like me sitting here and going “oh, we’ll that person was mean to me because I am Jewish,” and totally ignoring the fact that I was probably a rude dick to them.

I know this post is going to get some people all fired up. It’s not meant to. It’s meant for you to sit back, really deeply think about your life personally and how your actions can be affecting others. So if you wanna comment and call me a racist, then you clearly didn’t read what I had to say, but I am prepared for it.


Written by notoriouskaylynne

July 18, 2013 at 12:34 am

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